Aloe Vera Promote Weight-loss?


Let me tell you why this plant has made a believer out of me. It saved me from losing my leg!  I was in the Dominican Republic taking my first ride on the back of a mini motorcycle ("moto") however, my friend failed to tell me the rules of how to dismount. The ride ended with me having a 3rd degree burn on the inside of my calf when it pressed against the muffler. OUCH!!! To make matters worse, I went home and immediately washed it in the shower with water which, I was later told, was full of parasites! My leg got infected and the creams which were prescribed only seemed to make things worse.

Finally, I remembered the reading about the healing properties of the Aloe plant. I asked a neighbor for a piece which was growing in her yard, I broke it and applied the gel right on the open wound, and almost immediately began to feel relief! The healing was evident within a few days and I've been a believer in this plant ever since!

Here's the "skinny" on Aloe and its' marvelous healing properties:

 Aloe vera juice is a liquid that is extracted from the aloe plant. It is believed to have medicinal, healing purposes. The juice is made from the yellow liquid that is derived straight from the plant. It is commonly believed that aloe vera juice has a lot of beneficial health benefits due to the fact that it is full of amino acids, nutrients and minerals. The juice can be consumed internally or applied externally. It is also used for skin care.

  • Internal Benefits There are numerous internal benefits to drinking aloe vera juice. Some of these health benefits include healing internal tissue damage, improvement of ulcers, stronger immune system, encouraging the healing of joints and bones, regulating blood pressure, making circulation more efficient, regulating blood sugar and decreasing the itchiness associated with the skin condition psoriasis.


  • Anti-Bacterial/Anti-Fungal - Aloe vera juice also functions as both an anti-fungal and an anti-bacterial. It is recommended to drink between 2 and 4 ounces of the juice on a daily basis. Doing so assists in healthy digestion, the detoxification of the body, the improvement of circulation and the cleansing of the colon.


  • Weight Loss Another extremely popular purpose for consuming aloe vera juice is weight loss. Aloe vera juice can help weight loss by stabilizing the body mass index (BMI) and also decreasing it. The juice does both of these things by stimulating the liver cells' metabolic rates, helping people burn significantly more energy.


  • Immune System - Carrisyn is the name of an aloe vera extract. Carrisyn is an excellent tool for detoxification because it is capable of stimulating the body's production of blood cells that battle against infections. As a result, it ends up strengthening the body's immune system, as well.


  • Nutritional Supplement - Aloe vera juice makes a useful nutritional, natural supplement because it contains 19 different types of amino acids, 12 vitamins and 12 minerals.


  • Topical Skin Application Aloe vera juice also makes a highly effective topical skin application for chronic skin issues such as psoriasis and eczema. It can eliminate itchiness and redness. It also can treat burns, cuts and wounds. Aloe vera has inflammation- and swelling-reduction properties. It is also efficient for soothing the skin.


Wishing You Wellness,