Deb's Adventure to a "Cryotherapy" Salon!

Hello Beautiful!

OMG, I had never even heard of the word "cryotherapy" so tell me why I was dying to try it? I mean, they were going to put me inside a chamber, drop my skin temperature by at least 30 degrees F, and leave me there for 3 minutes! Yikes! Now, I always feel I have to try things before I recommend them to my clients. Which is why one day each week for the last 16 years I've turned my kitchen into a "test kitchen" re-creating healthier versions of family favorite dishes. It's also why I seek out health food stores in every city, state, and country to try out new products. I want to be able to give a first hand review of a product or experience before I give it a thumbs up.

So anyway, back to the Cryotherapy session... after hearing about it from a family member who tried it, I did my own research and became more anxious to try it. As you all know, I am an aspiring raw foodist, I'm always cold, and HATE cold weather. So why the sudden hole in the head to try this? Well, because I am passionate about helping persons live a naturally pain-free life. Anything that offers promise as far as this goes (within reason) is worth me investigating to help others. It seems that this is the main reason most go for Cryo treatments. Whether they are athletes, weight-lifters, or arthritic or chronic pain sufferers, many swear by it.

I have to say, the persons who run the salon I visited didn't offer vague promises or claims of miraculous results. In fact, they told me that unless I was really experiencing pain or soreness, I may not notice much difference. So I wasn't expecting much. I just wanted to go through the experience firsthand. Anyway, I arrived, read some info, signed a waiver, took a tour of the chamber room, and changed into a robe and special slippers. They fired-up the chamber, had me step inside and remove my robe, (YIKES!), closed the door, and slowly dropped the temperature. The person who ran my session immediately began to engage me in conversation by asking "get acquainted" type questions as he watched me from a glass booth. I wondered why he kept talking, then I realized...he was trying to distract me from focusing on the temperature drop and he talked throughout the entire session. If he hadn't, I probably would've pulled the plug on the session prematurely out of panic. The cold air therapy in the chamber is a dry air and is not painful like an ice bath or immersion. Your skin temp will decrease more than 30 degrees F over 3 minutes(or less) inside the chamber; however, your core temperature will only lower slightly. You will immediately warmup after exiting the chamber, both under infrared lights and as you begin to move your muscles and joints.

Conclusion: For me, it was both exciting, a challenge, and invigorating! I can honestly say that I felt a degree of relief in the sore muscles I have from my new intense body-building routine. I would definitely recommend it for hard-core athletes with sore muscles, persons with arthritis or chronic pain, and especially women with fibromyalgia. Several sessions would probably work wonders!

Wishing You Wellness.